When there's a chill in the air, I think about this soup. For years, I'd forgotten about it. And then one chilly day, I had a memory of having this soup. I can see it now... I was sitting at a table with a friend looking into my tomato-based soup thinking about how the big pieces of cabbage looked. This was just one of the many times growing up I had this easy and delicious comfort meal. Which I why I call it Nostalgia Soup.

So here it is, my recipe for Veggie-Beef Nostalgia Soup.

Here’s what you’ll ne...

We live in a world where “calories” and “dieting” are everyday words in the English language. While caloric information can sometimes be used as great information, much of the time those tiny little numbers are used as weapons in a battle against ourselves.

It’s not uncommon to feel almost paralyzed at times when obsessing over calories. They cannot only get in the way of you meeting your daily energy needs but counting them can also get in the way of simply having a good time. There is a plethora of...

In a nation full of people stricken with chronic diseases, many linked to lifestyle choices, why would we worry about those engrossed with healthy eating?  Because “healthy” can go too far.

You may have heard the term “orthorexia” in the media and even in conversation. Orthorexia nervosa was first termed by Steven Bratman, MD in 1997 in an essay in Yoga Journal. A dissection of the phrase translates to straight or correct (Ortho), desire or appetite (-orexia) and obsession (Nervosa).  Dr. Bratman sugg...

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