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If you’re ready to get your eating behaviors (& overall nutrition) in check, THIS is your first step.


Leslie has been working with individuals and families for years. From infant feeding to putting an end to chronic dieting, Leslie knows how to help you and your family change behaviors for good. She uses an intuitive eating-based model to help clients use their own nutrition intuition and nutrition intelligence without restriction.

Leslie is a self-proclaimed non-diet dietitian and believes in a Health At Every Size (HAES) approach.


Stop counting and start living now!

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"Tonight I felt so knowledgeable and proud of where I have come from in this journey. I can and absolutely must give HUGE props to you for that! Thanks for your patience and unwavering ability to "meet me where I was" emotionally and intellectually with food. I'm so thankful and just wanted to celebrate the victories with someone who has walked this journey with me every step of the way."


- K.C. Former Client

Are you ready?




6 months
PRICE: $1197

Nothing changes until you change your mind. Together we’ll increase your awareness of barriers and behaviors that hold you hostage. We’ll define your purpose with food to unlock your eating confidence. Together we will embrace planning to help you maintain your mindset and a healthy relationship with body and food (a diet can’t do that). Lasting change requires a new perspective.

  • 1, 1-hour session

  • 9, 30-minute sessions

  • email support



3 months
PRICE: $697

STOP asking yourself “why did I eat that? Why can’t I get control of my food?” I can help you end emotional and reckless eating. Whether you’re eating for fuel and for pleasure, we’ll find the purpose.

  • 1, 1-hour session

  • 5, 30-minute sessions

  • email support



1 month
PRICE: $397

You can’t change what can’t see. Before we can change our food, movement, and wellness practices, we have to take a look at our behaviors. I’m here to work with you to uncover the barriers you may not see. It’s about the food, but is it really? Let’s boost your awareness.

  • 1, 1-hour session​

  • 2, 30-minute sessions

Not sure where to start, try my 60-minute consultation.  You'll get a feel for my philosophy and how I can help you move towards your goals. If you decide you need more, your consultation fee will be put toward the package of your choice.  1, 1-hour session, PRICE: $197

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