5 Tips for Planning Better Self-Care Right NOW

Benjamin Franklin said it best- “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Let’s face it, life is hectic. Between running errands, households and trying to stay fit and sane, you have to make sure you’re practicing self-care. Let’s take a look at five simple ways to plan better self-care, right now!


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1. Plan your sleep
Adequate sleep is crucial, as it helps you feel motivated, impacts your relationships, how you treat others, your cognitive function, and how you eat. Sleep impacts everything!

How to Get Started Now: Evaluate whether or not you’re getting adequate sleep. You should be getting about 7 hours a night, give or take. If you’re only sleeping five to six, evaluate how you can manage to add just one more over a week until you can get closer to seven. If you’re sleeping eleven to twelve hours, perhaps you’re sleeping too much.


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2. Plan Downtime
It’s important to have quiet, quality, alone time doing something that you enjoy, whether that’s reading a book, magazine, devotional, taking a walk, painting your nails, or just sitting outside. Find activities that “fill your cup.” It’s key to not forget the YOU time in your schedule. If you’re like me, an unscheduled task is a non-existent task.

How to Get Started Now: Plan up to 30 minutes for yourself each day, and put it in your schedule. Assess your current routine and whether or not you’re engaging in some form of downtime daily. If not, make a plan to change that. You can’t perform at your peak without taking care of yourself too!


3. Plan Your Meals
Planning your meals gives you a way to feel less panicked throughout the week when your schedule becomes more jam packed and you have no clue what to eat or the last time you did. Planning your meals doesn’t mean going on a diet, or eating diet food. It means knowing your options WHEN you’re ready to eat so you can fuel and feel well.

How to Get Started Now: Prepare the foods you want in a balanced fashion. Assess what foods you have in the house- protein sources, starches, veggies, fat sources, etc., and then decide what you need to put on your grocery list. Plan snacks and meals for a couple of days up to a week. Go ahead and cook enough for several days so you have leftovers for fast meal tweaks. And, don’t forget to take advantage of your slow cooker (in any season). Do you hate planning? That’s okay. Get the goods on meal planning HERE.



4. Plan Movement
One of the most common complaints I hear about exercise is not having time. You have a choice to make time, or not. It’s important that you do things you enjoy, not things your neighbor does or what the latest tweet says you should do. Blocking out time for movement you enjoy, in doses that feel attainable, can leave you feeling body confident and more accomplished.

How to Get Started Now: Find movement you enjoy, whether it’s lifting weights, a group exercise class, dancing, etc.. NOW put it on your schedule. If you’re coming off of a period of inactivity, take it slow. Don’t let all or nothing thinking get in your way. Take baby steps and remember that something is always better than nothing. Be gentle with yourself as you get into a routine. Need more steps for creating a movement routine? Get it HERE.


Eating & working out with no plan is like Jell-O without a mold. You’ll end up all over the place..1

5. Plan to Plan
Planning is a great idea but is only effective when you actually make it happen consistently. You MUST have a plan to plan. If you don’t plan on a regular and consistent basis, you’ll have a hard time sticking to the self-care tips mentioned earlier.

How to Get Started Now: Schedule a consistent time each week on a particular day that you will sit down and plan things out. Review the four self-care tips above and make sure you’re doing each one. If you don’t plan regularly, you’re planning to fail (or at least not feel like you’re getting what you need mentally or physically). Weekly planning will help make your life easier, one day at a time!

Self-care can feel selfish, but it shouldn’t! You can’t fill another’s cup until your cup is full. So, just like the oxygen mask on the airplane, you must fill your cup before assisting others. Remember, if it isn’t in your schedule, it doesn’t exist!

How will you take care of you? I’d love to know. Leave your plan in the comments! Happy planning, friends!

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