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Getting dinner done doesn’t have to be a cooking show production. I know you can cook, follow recipes, and even get a lovely meal on the table.  But, if you dread the constant planning...

THIS is your solution!

Consistent planning is the missing link to getting supper solved. I know because I've been working with busy people like you for over 20 years. I get it!! That’s why I created Your Supper Solution, an online service that delivers weekly dinner menus right to your inbox.


And now it's FREE! 

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Your Supper Solution...


This back-to-basics, cook-at-home approach to

getting supper solved includes:


  • Balanced dinner menus for every night of the week thoughtfully designed by nutrition expert, yours truly, delivered right to your inbox every Friday.

  • Step-by-step preparation strategies that get your tasty entree and sides on the table at the same time.

  • Leftover strategies that can help you cook it once and creatively use it twice.

  • A fill-in grocery list with builtin must-haves.

  • Weekly snack ideas and more!

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